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Action4London LogoACTION 4 LONDON - A4L pools hundreds of dedicated, professional volunteers from every walk of London life. They share in common one passionate vision – to invest time to transform the lives of London’s most disadvantaged communities.

We have worked in the past with:

Volunteer Centre Hackney,
Volunteer Centre Westminster,
Volunteer Centre Camden,
Saint Jones Church - Homeless Family Centre,
Earls Court Nursery and Family Centre,
St Marks Children’s Home,
The Ride,
Bayswater Families Centre,
Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project,
Punch and Judy Family Centre,
  BIBIC (British institute of Brain Injured Children),
CWAC (Children with AIDs Charity),
St.Hilda’s East Community Centre,
Shaftesbury Children’s Home,
The Salvation Army,
Shelter From the Storm,
St. Mungo’s,
Whizz Kidz,
Springfield Community Centre and
A2 Dominion.



Zohar Project LogoZOHAR PROJECT - The core universal values of tolerance, respect and human dignity are sustained in The Zohar, or Book of Splendour – the principal text of Kabbalah. But for the Kabbalists the Zohar is infinitely more – it’s a book of blessings and miracles and mere presence like an antennae carries positive energy to its environment.

Over the Millennia, The Zohar has been studied by some of the greatest minds in history, from Plato and Pythagoras to Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton and Freud, among others. Sir Isaac Newton’s copy of the Zohar is now held in the library at Trinity College, Cambridge University. The 2,000 year old universal body of wisdom contained within The Zohar continues to inspire people of all backgrounds and faiths around the world today.

Tens of thousands of copies of The Zohar have already been donated to organisations and individuals around the country, including police stations, fire and ambulance emergency services, hospitals, prisons, schools, Universities, airlines, businesses, government buildings, and institutions from all faiths. This is in addition to The Zohars which have already been accepted as a source of wisdom and strength by world leaders, international governments, embassies and communities in distress.

It is our hope that these copies of The Zohar will be a source of wellbeing and protection for all peoples of the world.



Scholarship Fund LogoSCHOLARSHIP FUND - Kabbalists throughout history were adamant that anyone and everyone without means should have access to study and use of all the Centre’s education. And so the scholarship fund was set up to ensure all peoples from all backgrounds regardless of means, if they have genuine desire are eligible to receive sponsored books and courses.

Sometimes where healthy, these individuals are offered volunteering spots each week or month and this seems to work to ensure they feel a sense of ‘self-attainment’ to empower and continue their scholarship studies. Indeed much of the scholarship funds are donated by people who themselves benefitted from the fund years before.


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