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The Art of Confrontation

with Avi Nahmias

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 7:00pm

The Kabbalah Centre London,
12 Stratford Place,
London, , W1C 1BB, gb

Price: £18 or Free with the Unlimited Package

While confrontation often receives a bad rap, kabbalistically, it has the potential to be a positive tool if we understand that it arises only to serve our growth. In this two-part seminar, students will explore personal triggers and reactive behaviours in relation to confrontation. Through a step-by-step process, participants will learn how to handle emotions that arise, transforming them in order to address challenging people or situations.

This course will delve into key kabbalistic teachings to help diffuse conflict as you uncover the role of agenda and expectations, divine timing, and the Creator in healthy communication and self-expression. Guided reflection and exercises help you apply these teachings to real life situations, ultimately strengthening the level of peace between yourself and others.
Thursday 13 December at 7pm
2 hours seminar with Avi Nahmias
Price: £18 or Free with Unlimited Package

*Active members of the Unlimited Package should add their Student ID (found on the back of their membership card) as a Promotional Code to register for free.

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