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New Moon of Scorpio

Meir Yeshurun & Ruth Nahmias

Event Date: 
Monday, October 8, 2018 - 7:30pm

The Kabbalah Centre London,
12 Stratford Place,
London, , W1C 1BB, gb

Price: £15 or free with the unlimited package

“Kabbalists refer to the month of Scorpio as Mar Cheshvan. The word mar means ‘bitter’…  in this month, we have the ability to transform our consciousness from mar, bitter, into its reverse – ram, which means ‘exalted’ and ‘powerful’…”
– Rav Berg

Two opposing energies arise during the month of Scorpio: mercy and judgment. This can leave us feeling impatient or impulsive. The challenge posed for each of us is to temper our fire with water – alleviate insensitive feelings with a deep calling to share with others. We can transform our nature into one of kindness and generosity when we work to neutralize drama, let go of the need to control situations, and embrace tranquillity. This month offers us a tremendous opportunity to heal and elevate our consciousness.

The Kabbalistic months are based on the cycles of the moon, with each month affecting us in distinct ways. The New Moon Connection offers us an opportunity to deepen our awareness of the influence each astrological sign has on our lives. Learn special meditations that assist us in using the energy of the month to make better choices, so we benefit from a month of greater harmony and fulfilment.


with Meir Yeshurun and Ruth Nahmias

£15 or free with the unlimited package

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